Replica Panerai Luminor Marina Watch In Military Style

The two words Luminor and Marina always make people remember the strong point of Panerai - manufacturing the most professional diving watches. Luminor Marina features metal bracelet, which can perfect fit your wrist and wear comfortable. Luminor Marina watch is installed in a 44mm case, which contains Panerai classic dial, it consists of big Arabic numbers and hour markers, they are filled with great luminescence that makes the watch still clearly readable in dark place.

Panerai Luminor Marina Replica Watches

Amazing, Panerai Luminor Marina replica is a 1:1 copy from the original, not like other Panerai replica watches that have defective dials, this one has few flaws on the dial, check its structure, font size and the printing, it looks the same as the genuine, that is the main reason why this replica watch is called "1:1 Original". Besides, look at the PVD case, it doesn't look so black and seems to be a little gray, because it has been processed by the high-tech PVD technology, the genuine Panerai also uses the same treatment.

About the replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 026, the only shortcoming I can find is the case back engravings, I don't know what's the meaning of the specific number "OP 6750" or whether it is correct, but the engravings on the case back of the replica are shallow and thin, while the genuine's are deep and thick(look at the words "FIRENZE 1860" and "STAINLESS STEEL").

Panerai Luminor Marina replica watch is equipped with a real Swiss ETA 6497. However, most movements equipped in replica watches are Asian copied, mostly made in China. But this ETA 6497 movement is Swiss made, which also means the production and assembly of the movement are fully completed in Switzerland, so it represents the highest grade of movement in the replica watch world. The movement is manual winding and has 17 jewels. Look at the above pictures, every piece of plate is thick and strong, they are polished well with smooth lines and rounded corners and fixed by blue steel screws. Besides, the tooth between gearwheels fit perfectly and only small friction is produced when operating. Of course, the movement features the iconic Swan Neck Regulator device.

It is lucky for you to make a decision to buy this replica Panerai, because there are few 1:1 replicas in the market and even fewer watches can make so good. As you know, the original PAM 026 was produced in 1998 and Panerai re-released it as a Special Edition in 2008, so, buying a replica PAM 026 can yet be regarded as a good manner to pay honour to the re-edition spirit of Panerai.